The Committee

Club Captain


Harry Percival

Harry started shooting when he was 13 with the CCF after thinking it sounded like fun! He’s a 3rd year Geographer and avid carrier of “factor ginger” suncream. Fun fact: Harry managed to spend 6 months on the equator without getting a tan!


General Secretary


Xav Iafrate

Xav starting shooting when he was 16 which, he admits, was to avoid having to play rugby and cricket. He studies Physics and served as our Smallbore Captain last year.




Joel Burton-Lowe

Joel joined us in September 2016 at the start of his 3rd year as it “seemed like something different”. Twelve months on, he’s still here for his 4th year of Physics and Rifle Club. Fun fact: When Joel joined us, he had a ponytail!


Fullbore Captain


Jason Pepera-Hibbert

Jason, our resident Atheling, has been shooting for just over 4 years. He joined the University of Exeter Rifle Club as it allowed him to continue his regular training with a group of friendly and like-minded people. He is looking forward to organising plenty of Bisley trips in the year ahead. Fun fact: Jason was placed top in the Individual BUCS Fullbore Competition 2017!


Smallbore Captain and Publicity Secretary


Olivia Haworth

Liv started shooting with the CCF when she was 15 after an injury prevented her from playing hockey. She’s a 3rd year English student who joined the club last year in order to continue with the sport. Fun fact: Liv is a lover (and producer) of terrible jokes!




Dan Studholme

Dan, 2nd year Accounting and Finance, started shooting when he was in year 9 with the CCF as it sounded exciting. Fun fact: he’s stroked a white lion.


Social Secretaries


Jackie Chan

Jackie started shooting last September as a Fresher because it was something he’d never tried before. He’s on the 2nd year of his Psychology BSc and is teaming up with Steph to bring us a jam-packed calendar of social events for 2017-2018. Fun fact: Jackie enjoys reading comic books in his spare time (and a keen meme enthusiast).


Steph Chanter

Steph also started shooting with us last September as a Fresher for the same reason as Jackie and because “it’s the best club in Exeter”. She’s a Biological and Medicinal Chemistry 2nd year who works with baby owls in her summer holidays. Fun fact: Last year, Steph attended (significantly) more socials than training nights!


Stash Secretary


David Chalmers

David, 3rd year Politics, started shooting last September – having tried other sports which had left him with broken bones, he thought he’d give shooting a go instead. Fun fact: He’s also a Social Secretary for Exeter’s Real Ale Society.


Assistant General Secretary


Natasa Pasternak-Albert

Natasa, 4th year Medic, started shooting when she was 12 on a course during her school holidays. She wanted to take up a sport in her spare time and liked the sound of modern pentathlon sports like shooting, riding and fencing. Fun fact: Natasa attended macrobiotic cooking lessons with Boy George at his London home!


Assistant Armourer


James Mac Taggart

James joined us halfway through last academic year after his friend (our Fullbore Captain Jason) invited him to one of our taster nights. He’s a 2nd year Medic and loves cycling in his spare time.